Thursday, September 24, 2015

Circle Time Center

Gabrielle loves her Preschool Prep Company set and we watch the DVDs daily.  I wanted a fun way to use the flashcards and decided to create a little Circle Time Center.  I purchased a 47" x 35" bulletin board and crayon trim.   I used Pinterest to get some ideas and decided to include the following:

Meet the Letter
Meet the Shape
Meet the Color
Meet the Sight Words
Meet the Number

Wooden All About Today Board

Daily Focus Board Sign
$4 project with items purchased from the School Supplies and Party sections of Dollar General.  I purchased 2 packs of sticky-backed foam sheets (cut in half and into flags), set of paper letters, and blue ribbon.

$1 White Board Poster from Dollar General to write quotes, verses, vocabulary, etc. on

All in all, I'm very happy with the layout and plan to hang it up on a wall between our kitchen and living room.  Hopefully, it will be a fun way to work on some of the basics.  She passes by it often and points up at the different cards.

I hope to purchase some classroom early learning charts and bulletin board sets from Carson Dellosa or Amazon to place above the board or on her Step 2 Easel.  Speaking of the easel, right now, it's up in her room with a set of the capital letters available to play with.  She really enjoys finding the letters in the bin below and placing them on the board (and all over her room).  Still working on spelling our first word, "C-A-T," since it seems to be an early favorite in the animal department.  Don't believe, here's a picture of her enjoying her daily meeting with one of the neighborhood cats down the street.

That last bit got a little off topic, BUT that's how I roll (do people still say that?).  Until next time...