Monday, June 8, 2015

Meet the Family

Thanks to the internet, there are so many creative ways to share your child’s adolescent years with them when they are older.  The inspiration for this blog is to create a virtual time capsule to hand her (or a web address scribbled on a post-it note) that shares our daily lives and the little stories that will probably be long forgotten.  Everyday for her is an adventure!  Also, these years are as much an adventure for her dad, our two pugs, Lenny and Lola, and me.  With this in mind, this first post is just a little bit about our family and the goals I hope to set forward for this experience in blogging.

Gabby is our newly-turned one year old.  She’s a constant source of joy (and I won’t deny some frustration).  In recent months, the greatest of these joys is getting to watch her personality develop. Her two partners in crime are Lenny and Lola. Lenny has is a very rambunctious and personable 7 year old pug who bonded with Gabby instantly.  Lola is our reserved and very particular 6 year old pug; however, when she finally decides to bring you into her “circle of trust,” she’s the most loving creature anyone could ask for.  Needless to say, Gabby is a still outside the circle, but inching her way toward the border.

As for her father, he is a very energetic and light-hearted guy.  His personality adds a good contrast to my more reserved nature.  Hopefully, together we can bring a good balance to her life.  With his career, we will probably find ourselves moving every few years.  His passions include cooking, primates, dinosaurs, loud (what he calls) music, homebrewing, and of course his family. 

Lastly, a little about me.   My life has been on-the-go since I was 17 when I entered college and promptly jumped into a high paced, stressful, and rewarding career.   Now 30,  life has taken a 180, but I find myself enjoying this stay-at-home mom status.  I can’t say that it is an easy transition, but it’s one that I’m learning to finally put my whole self into.  Primarily, my reservations stem in the fact that I always thought money was a necessity to provide a child all the opportunities to succeed in life.  After all, it is not cheap to do much these days.   I’ve only recently decided that I will quit stressing about the desire to re-enter corporate America and really embrace this opportunity God has given me to enjoy the early years of our daughter’s life with her at home.  Cliché but true, money isn’t everything and so much can be brought to her life that doesn’t cost a penny!  As for some of my interests, I love crafts of all kinds and learning new things from YouTube and Pinterest.  I look forward to all kinds of crafting with the little Gabster!  Recently, I developed an interest in homeschooling to find fun learning activities for the toddler/pre-K years.  I can already see how much of a sponge her brain is for the world around her.  Finding activities to do around the house and outdoors will help pass time and teach her. 

I’ll close by saying that I look forward to sharing our adventures with you.  Even if this blog  never generates an audience, I know it is something Gabby will cherish for a lifetime.

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