Monday, July 6, 2015

Gabby's One-of-a-Kind Play Kitchen

Given the opportunity, I will always take an old piece of furniture that was built to last (i.e. REAL WOOD over the compressed wood/crappy materials of today).  There is so much more character to such a piece over a cookie cutter one.   That being said, you can understand how my guilty pleasure is to scour flea markets for unique finds!  This week, I struck gold with a wonderful, child-sized hutch by 2nd Door on the Right at the Twice as Nice Flea Market.

Reduced in price to $90, I envisioned turning this little gem into the play kitchen of my (and hopefully Gabby's) dreams.  I actually saw this and thought to myself, "Oh well...isn't that something?  I've never seen anything like it."  Then, I left, looked up child-sized hoosier cabinets and cupboards on Pinterest, and proceeded to annoy Nate with my remorse over passing it up.  Luckily, I went back the next morning and it was still there.  It was meant to be; I mean, it's painted in my favorite shabby chic hue!

Since I found out I was pregnant with a girl, I wanted to create a wonderful play kitchen.  I love mini-me, real-life stuff!  The thought of fostering an interest in cooking at such a young age makes my heart happy.  Anyway, I've slowly accumulated toy kitchen accessories so that when we end up buying a wooden play kitchen for her 2nd birthday, we wouldn't have to spend a fortune all at once to deck it out.  Of these purchases, my greatest deal was this appliance set.  Somehow, I was able to buy it for under $20 on Amazon!  What luck, right?

After I brought this baby home and Nate relocated it from my trunk (it is rather heavy), I scoured Amazon and found some great pieces to complete the "kitchen" as well as pulled random stuff we had around the house.   The only items missing are some little touch lights that I will stick in the cute microwave and "oven."  The little step stool will be a great way to reach the higher items when she's older. Bonus, it folds up and stows away easily when not in use.  Although Gabby's at least a year or more away from really beginning to even appreciate the kitchen, I know she can look back on pictures and think back to fond memories of countless hours with this.  It's that idea of nostalgia that I'm looking forward to for us to share! 

Repurposed Vintage Child's Hutch Play Kitchen

I'm excited with how all these little knick-knacks came together!

 A cooling rack makes for a perfect "oven" on the top shelf of this cabinet!  The smaller sheet pan on the bottom rack came with the KidKraft Mixer, while the top rack holds a cute Melissa and Doug Cookie set that I purchased for half price at Christmas.    
SIDE NOTE:  December is a GREAT time to purchase all kinds of gifts for the rest of the year at amazing prices!!  Not rocket science, as I'm sure you guys already knew this little bit of wisdom and I'm late to the game....

The stove elements include a Melissa and Doug pots and pans rack, matching utensil and this random find of a stove top toy by Green Toys (made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs).  

Now to find a "sink" to  complete this kitchen.  I want to leave some counter space to "cut" play food and use as a general play surface, so I didn't want anything too large.  My inexpensive soap dish.  How in the world did I think of an iron soap holder with faucet accent?!?  Well, I have an interest in primitive decor (story for another time) and have come across some of them online in the past.  I had a bathroom organizer I purchased years ago from Ross that makes for a great base.  Also, the extra space below it is nice.  I cut up a new sponge, added a dish towel and...BOOM...we have a sink.  I am yet to find dishes I like, but I'm sure I will come across some cheap melamine  or wood plates .

IF we do end up buying a play kitchen and having the hutch as an additional element, I will probably get this KidKraft Prairie Kitchen. For the time being, I think this little lovely covers many of the elements that could be desired.  Guess the true test will be what Gabby thinks.  So there you have it.  That's a lot to say about a little play kitchen, but every element of it brings a smile to my face and I hope you've enjoyed reading the boring details.  

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